Data Protection / Privacy

Data Protection / Privacy

Monard Law is the ideal partner to assist you in all aspects of cyber security and protecting personal data. We offer comprehensive services that combine theory and practice.

Of course, these services primarily involve guiding your company in implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”). As of 25 May 2018, substantial penalties will be imposed on companies that fail to comply with this regulation. Monard Law provides you with a clear roadmap that allows you to fully comply with the law. In this way you avoid penalties or other measures imposed by the Privacy Commission, as well as negative publicity and possible claims for damages.

Within this guided course of action, the necessary “policies” and processor agreements will be drawn up or updated, you will obtain the necessary written advice on the “GDPR” aspects specifically applicable to your company, and all aspects of data protection will be monitored for you by one of our external data protection officers (the so-called DPOs).

A broader view of the legislative framework allows us not only to examine the “GDPR” but also to review all applicable Belgian regulations (which will continue to apply after 25 May 2018). Other European legislative initiatives (NIS Directive, the proposed ePrivacy Regulation, etc.) are also not forgotten.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the matter and thanks to our – optional – collaboration with various IT partners, we are able to offer you a one-stop shop.

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