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The global nature of the economy is ever more apparent and more and more of our clients are doing business internationally. Firms and entrepreneurs are presented with complex legal challenges requiring wide awareness of aspects of foreign law.

Monard Law provides expert assistance to our clients doing business abroad: our multilingual specialists will provide legal support and advice on international transactions, cooperation agreements and litigation.

Monard Law is not an exclusive member of a legal network but rather has developed a number of networks of quality foreign law firms internationally who can advise our clients on matters within their own countries. We call each of these contacts "Best Friends". Each of these law firms shares our focus on quality, responsiveness and team work to deliver excellent services. We invest time and energy in maintaining and improving our cooperation with our "best friends" to ensure that we meet our clients ‘needs. This we achieve through evaluations, seminars and training. Our flexible and tailored approach enables us to arrange the best fit of quality, speed of execution and cost efficiency when you need it abroad.

Monard Law has in addition developed a number of "country desks" where both legal and business knowledge is shared on a cross border basis with Dutch, French, English and German law firms. This puts us in an excellent position to advise you rapidly based upon a deeper understanding.

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