Vendor Due Diligence: Is your business ready for a sale or a new investor?

Vendor Due Diligence: Is your business ready for a sale or a new investor?

Is your company ready to be sold? Is your business structure optimized for a new shareholder or investor? In short, you need to be prepared and to have a sounding board for the preparation of the sale of your business.

In case of a sale of business or of a capital increase, a prospective buyer or an investor will always proceed to an audit. It will attempt to map all the risks of the company, as well as all elements that can have a negative impact on the value of the company. It’s up to you to prepare it. It’s also up to you to emphasize the positive elements.

With this formula, we want to PREVENTIVELY allow the entrepreneur to:

  • identify risks himself;
  • determine the elements that can affect the value;
  • prepare an audit properly.

Specifically, what can you expect from us?

  • A partner in the preparation of the sale of your business or new investor.
  • A lawyer with many takeovers and audit experience.
  • Recommendations to eliminate or to prevent these risks.
  • "Corporate governance" recommendations to maximize shareholder value.
  • If possible, we propose a customized enterprise structure.
  • Specific advice based on practical experience.

How do we proceed?

You will receive a list of issues that we will examine from a legal point of view. Our research is done at a fixed price within the agreed timeframe.

Our report? Practical recommendations and tips to daily enhance shareholder value. We can gladly explain this report in our follow-up interview. Where appropriate, we arrange a customized follow-up.

In an introductory meeting we’ll explain our method of working. You decide if we proceed or if you want to receive a proposal.