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. Work at Monard Law

Want to be part of an ambitious team?

Room for your ambition

Employment at Monard Law means working at an independent law firm rated among the top ten legal practices. Monard Law offers a dynamic environment where the emphasis is on personal contact. This obviously includes contact with our clients but also within our team. Lawyers from a variety of backgrounds but with one common denominator: a passion for their profession. Colleagues who inspire each other in solving sometimes complex problems. Colleagues who are quite capable of coping individually and independently but, if required, will band together in a cohesive team context.

Employment at Monard Law also means working at a law firm that has a proven track record of providing high quality legal services. This is evident from the various legal awards that we have won. In a ‘Trends' survey among businesses, respondents identified Monard Law as a leading law firm when it comes to providing the best legal advice. And this is emphatically a team achievement. But working at Monard Law means much more than that.

Lifelong learning

Having graduated from law school does not mean that your studying days are over. On the contrary. In the world of law there is no stopping and standing still. You need to constantly keep abreast of the most recent legislative pronouncements and matters of jurisprudence in order to feel completely competent and assist your client to the fullest. Therefore, we regularly offer courses to advance your continuous personal and professional development. In fact, this applies to us all. And, not surprisingly, we keep learning new things from one another, day after day.


In order to be able to provide personally tailored top-quality services to our clients, Monard Law associates work in practice groups, each with their own specialisms. They regularly meet in order to discuss matters of jurisprudence, new ideas and interpretations, thus ensuring that the client will invariably receive advice about his affairs in the most objective and personal way possible, with the right advisers in the right place.

More than just work

There is more to life than just work. We also regularly organise activities among our colleagues, on a department or office basis, or with the involvement of the entire firm. A Christmas party, a New Year's reception, participation in all sorts of activities, time off for a weekend adventure... suggestions are welcome!

Enterpreneurial colleagues

We are always looking for enterpreneurial colleagues. Do you have a clear analytic mind and a passion for the profession? Can you express your views articulately and respectfully, while also knowing when to be attentive to others? Do you possess a good sense of humour and a capacity for putting things in their proper perspective? And are you prepared to get things done?

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