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. 25 years Monard Law

That's 25 years of experience at your service

Why choose Monard Law?

Not all law firms are the same. But if...

1. you are looking for a law firm that understands what you are doing and thinks like you

Monard Law wants to be a partner for its customers. More and more companies turn to us not for a specific job, but for a more structured cooperation for the legal dimension of the business. But that can only happen if we know and understand your company, your products and your goals.

2. you are looking for an office that doesn’t know the expression "that's impossible"

Occasionally a good lawyer should make his client aware of possible risks. When we point out the risks, we can offer constructive solutions based on our experience. Only telling you what's not possible just to play it safe, is something we prefer not to do.

3. you are looking for advice that is clear to non-lawyers

Expertise cannot be proven by using difficult jargon and costly terms. The best advice is clear advice that everyone understands.

4. you are convinced that appropriate advice from experts does not need to cost a fortune ('value for money')

We sometimes say that we are a national office, with local rates. In practice, this is proven to be true. Our high rankings in the Legal 500 demonstrate our experience and knowledge as a business office in a broad scope of disciplines. Monard Law wants to make this expertise available at rates comparable to regional offices. Our quality and knowledge may indeed reach an international level, our rates remain local.

5. you like to get quick advice

Decent work takes time. But that should not mean that a client has to wait unnecessarily long for advice or the next step in a procedure. We understand all too well how important time is in business. Our knowledge, experience and the size of our team enable us to act quickly.

6. you enjoy working with easily accessible lawyers who call you back if they were not able to answer your call

The lawyers at Monard Law are easily accessible. That's how it should be. It obviously does not mean that every lawyer will always be able to pick up the phone. But you won't have to wait weeks for a call either.

7. you believe that strong legal expertise can be combined with a local character

Monard Law has built up substantial expertise in all areas of business services (16 specializations).

We remain convinced of the importance of local accessibility and proximity to our customers. Recent rankings in Legal 500 have shown that we are already internationally recognized for 12 specializations.

8. you are looking for lawyers who can guide you through the entire process - with knowledge of limits

Most of our lawyers have considerable experience at court. If you ever become involved in a trial, we are well positioned to assist and advise. Nevertheless, we believe that companies have as much need for lawyers who assist in the process of thinking or development. Good advice can avoid many potential problems. Our experience in court is thereby indeed invaluable. Thanks to that court experience, we know how far we can go when drafting texts or in negotiations. We know what can or cannot be achieved in court. "You do not learn piano in the classroom, but mainly behind the keyboard”.

9.  you want to be able to ask all your questions in one place

Monard Law is a partner for business, entrepreneurs and governments. We have 85 lawyers in 16 different fields. Depending on the business initiative, the right team of specialists is brought together. The time has gone that all challenges can be handled by a generalist. Clients can rely on us for all aspects of their business. Therefore we offer a wide range of expertise.

10. you appreciate an office that wants to work with each company that is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and is not afraid of a challenge

For us every business counts - whether it be large or small. We don’t want to concentrate only on the BEL 20 companies. Every business deserves the best legal expertise - we want to offer that expertise out of our various local offices.

... Then you should definitely come to talk with Monard Law. Chances are very high that we're on the same page.

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